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Pony Up to Some Serious Flavor

Smooth, tangy, with that signature horseradish nose-tingle, Horsepower will make your brats sizzle and your sandwich sing. Vermont maple syrup, real butter and flecks of red pepper lend a balanced flavor profile that really goes the distance. 

It's the perfect partner for a slice of smoked gouda, and pairs well with crackers, fruit and cured meats. And let's not forget the potential here for a killer roast beef sandwich! 

Horsepower will be jockeying for the prime spot in your fridge in no time. No, seriously. Buy two, because you're going to run out fast. Giddy up!

Flavor profile:

  • Creamy, buttery and smooth
  • Vermont maple syrup delivers a hint of sweetness 
  • Horseradish - gets your senses tingling
  • A sprinkle of red pepper leaves an after-party in your mouth

Goes great with:

  • Savory and cured meats – bratwurst, dried sausage, salami
  • Sandwiches – roast beef, ham, corned beef
  • Cheddar or gouda, on rustic bread or a cracker
  • Pretzels and good beer

Ingredients: Vinegar, eggs, mustard powder, sugar, butter, maple syrup, horseradish powder, red pepper flakes, salt

Contains Eggs & Dairy

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