Sell Green Mountain Mustard in Your Store

Carry Green Mountain Mustard in Your Store

Want to give your condiment aisle some lovin'? Green Mountain Mustard is available through direct-shipment as well as various Vermont-based retailers. From two sku's to our entire product line, everything is available. You can mix cases, too.

What you get:

  • Free sample jar with every 12 jars ordered
  • Low minimum: Just 4 cases (24 jars)
  • Demo support - up to 3 times a year. (New England only)

View our point-of-sale materials

  • Green Mountain Mustard Sell Sheet
  • Point of Sale Materials

Distributors we work with:

How to place an order:

  1. Give Michael a call at (802) 435-1919
  2. Send Michael an email at