Green Mountain Mustard | Testimonials for our gourmet mustard

Testimonials from our loyal fans

"Everything mustard is the answer to those who love Everything bagels but don't want the calories.  I use it on sandwiches, salads, slices of luncheon meats etc.  It is delicious and I don't know how I did without it for so long.  I just ordered 6 jars just so I don't run out.  You can't go wrong with this mustard.  It's like a trip to the deli."
- Arlene from CA

"Michael, Received your mustards.  I loved them!  The tastes are bold and flavorful.  This is the best mustard I have had."
- Tim from WI

"Michael, having now polished off the last of such condimental delights, I am now prepared to order more. I have yet to taste a mustard as delicious as your horseradish or garlic and oregano. Thanks for a wonderful product!"

- Ron from CA


My daughter tried your mustard at a farmer's market while visiting a friend in Vermont and LOVED it!!  So, your product was highly recommended by a good source!!

- Jennifer from NY

I recently received your mustard as a gift from friends for dog sitting.  I must admit it is the best mustard my husband and I have ever had (we are both in our sixties).  If our friends had not gone to Vermont, we would never have known about it.  I am impressed at your accomplishment. Best wishes for the holiday season.  Good luck with your business.  It is truly awesome.

- Barbara from FL

I also wanted to let you know that YOUR mustard is the BEST.  I don\'t buy any other mustard.  My favorite is Garlic with the horseradish in second.

- Lynn from VT

We came into Burlington for a street fair, tasted your mustard at your stand and bought a bottle.  My wife can't have much sodium and your product is perfect.  Earlier this year I ordered two more bottles and now here we are again!

- Beth & Marty from FL

I was at Dakin Farms this weekend and tried the mustard there. We bought one jar, tried it on a sandwich and immediately regretted not buying more.

- Ann from NY

We have enjoyed the your fab mustard several times before and we usually find it at festivals.   This time I wanted to give a couple jars as Christmas gifts

- Sharon from NY

We found your mustard at a return visit to Crowley this Sept.  Your wholegrain mustard is truly unique, and more than delicious.

- Lynn from TX

My daughter loved your mustard sooooo much, she ate it every day for her school lunches. When we ran out, I tried other mustards.  Nope! She said they could not compare so I googled you and found you offered free shipping!

- Pamela from NY

I bought a couple of jars of your mustard after sampling it at the Gloucester Waterfront Festival.  Both my husband and I love it. I'm buying more now for my husband's birthday after hearing him say "I'm going to miss this mustard when it's gone..."

- Carla from MA

We happened to be in Burlington for the Farmer's Market last year and purchased some of your Sweet Potato Mustard which remains my wife's favorite condiment to this day!

- Steve from MA

I sent the atomic rooster mustard to my parents in North Carolina and all of their friends loved it so our neighbors asked if I could send some more so they could have it as well!

- Corrin from NC

I have to say I that I really love your mustards and I try to use them sparingly since I'm almost out.

- Pias from CA 

My father in law absolutely loves your mustard. We originally got it for him at the Big Moose Deli in Vermont. And now for any special occasion I get him enough to last a few months.

- Tricia from CT

Last February, I was at Killington skiing and got some green mountain mustard from the little store at the base of the mountain. This stuff is great with some brats and kraut.

- Tim from MA

Happily received my mustards!  They're gonna make great gifts! My daughter attends UVM and when I visited in October, found you at the farmers market and so glad I did!  It's so good on hot pretzels!

- Kim from MA

I tasted it at EatBoutique and was so happy to find such good mustard! I have been telling friends and family about it - I plan to put it in Christmas gifts along with Vermont maple syrup and my own maple-walnut pancake mix. Suspect I'll need more. Good luck!

- Jean from MA


My son-in-law tried your mustard and said, "You can just give me some of this mustard for my next birthday, and I'll be happy."  His 50th birthday is May 26th, and he's getting Green Mountain Mustard, his birthday wish come true!

- Linda from NC


We found you at the Burlington Farmers Market and have been hooked ever since! Our whole family loves Atomic Rooster - it's going in everyone's stocking. Have a great holiday and keep making mustard. :-)

- Jill from OH

My boyfriend and I both bought a jar at the eat boutique and we both already (almost) need refills. We also put some out Saturday night with just pretzels for friends and it was a hit so a few jars will be stocking stuffers! Thanks for getting in touch and for the prompt order processing!

- Dana from MA

I was visiting a friend in Burlington and tried your mustard at the farmers market there. My boyfriend LOVED the barn burner mustard. He's a fan of anything spicy, so I'm buying him more for Christmas!

- Emily from NH

We actually went to the Garlic Festival in Burlington VT this year (2.5 hr drive) and bought some there. Course we didn’t get enough to last us until the next festival this year. It is awesome mustard.

- Sandra from NY

My girlfriend and I were at Eat Boutique in Boston just before the holidays and bought a few different jars.  We're addicted - especially to the Atomic Rooster.

- Jeff from MA

I love the mustard, you guys have outstanding products and I am hooked! Looking forward to providing you business for years to come!

- Jens from NY

Just had (for the first time) your Garlic & Oregano with pretzel sticks. I love it! Now another favorite."

- Janie from VT

Michael, I lived in Burlington previously and bought it locally. Miss it like Hell since moving to NH and decided to remedy that. Thanks for the great mustard!

- Matt from NH


 Does anyone know if Green Mountain Mustard has an emergency hotline? We just ran out of the Horseradish Mustard.

- Paula from CT


I just had to resort to using the inferior Gulden's mustard because I'm out of your Sweet Hot. Blasphemy! I know. I need to stock up! 

- Melanie from VT