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Our Story

Green Mountain Mustard makes mustard differently.

We’re not your run of the mill yellow mustard in a squeeze bottle. In fact, we’re not even gourmet mustard. We make different mustard. Mustard that isn’t bright yellow. Mustard that isn’t boring. And mustard that belongs on way more than just your everyday office sandwich.

Green Mountain Mustard started out as a “let’s just see if this stuff sells” mustard back in 2007. Several years later, it’s evolved into a brand known for wacky flavors that take you on a flavor journey far beyond national, squeeze-bottle counterparts.

With flavors like Deli Dirt (the blend of toppings on an everything bagel), Ragin' Rooster (made with homemade Sriracha sauce), and Clove Encounter (made with a whopping 10 cloves of garlic in every jar), we like to help you push the flavor boundaries of condiment creation.

Let’s go back to when I was 10 years old.

Every Saturday morning, I’d watch Ron Popeil sell his Showtime Rotisserie oven. I convinced myself it was the greatest invention since grilled cheese. On a commercial, I’d sprint down stairs to try and sell my parents on the “set it and forget it” oven.

I failed to convince my parents (I still don’t own one). But, this experience got me interested in business.

I wanted to sell something.

I knew how to bake chocolate chip cookies.

I setup a table in-front of a hair salon (women love chocolate right?) to see if I could sell some cookies. My business was Adams’ Cookie House. Silly name. Delicious cookies.

I sold $120 worth of cookies my first afternoon.

And we all know $120 is like a million bucks to a 15 year old. I sold cookies throughout the summer.

After a few years of “typical teenage jobs”, I had the itch to start another food business. This time: energy bars. I was on swim team and hated the taste of Power Bars. I started baking my own with my Dad’s help.

Eddie’s Energy Bars was born.

I sold Eddie’s Energy Bars throughout the state and online. We baked 800-1,000 bars a week from my parent’s home kitchen. The business was tough to run from my college dorm room. I stopped production at the end of 2010.

Rewind a couple years to 2007.

My Dad and I started playing around with a mustard recipe. While scrumptious, we thought we could make it better - and sell it. This gave birth to our first flavor, Sweet Hot Mustard.

We brought 9 jars of mustard with us to the farmer’s market to sell alongside the energy bars.

The mustard sold out in 30 minutes.

9 jars became 24 and 24 become 36. We continued to sell out of mustard every summer for the next three years.

The mustard wasn’t a full-time gig then. I worked at various marketing positions to pay the bills. And in 2014, I didn't want to continue building someone else’s dream.

I now work on Green Mountain Mustard full-time. It’s been the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on. But, it’s not without it’s rewards:

  • Our products are available in over 250 stores. Stores include select Bed Bath & Beyond and HomeGoods stores.

  • We’ve created 15 flavors of mustard (some of which didn’t make it to the store shelf)

  • We’ve gotten press in Vermont, as well as GoodHouse Keeping and Refinery29.

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow Green Mountain Mustard. Soon enough I'll have a mustard empire.

Have you found your favorite flavor yet? Discover your favorite mustard.