Frequently Asked Questions | Green Mountain Mustard

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious people ask questions. And well, lucky for you, we've got answers. There's lots of information here, so we organized it into three simple sections. Click on a link below and you'll be taken to that section on the page.
  • Ordering Information
  • Product Information
  • Company Information

Ordering Information

1. When will my order ship?

Orders are sent within 2 business days.

2. How will my order ship?

Most packages are shipped through the post office. If you ordered over 6 jars and you live far from Vermont, your order is likely going FedEx Ground. In both cases, you get a tracking number.

3. Can I include a gift message?

Yep! Here's how to do it:

  • Leave a note in the "Notes" box on your cart page
  • Send an email to (if you forgot to leave a note)

4. How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for purchases over $30. If you're under $30, it's $7.99 flat-rate.

5. Where can I find your products? 

Here is a list of retailers. If there isn't a retail near you, fill out this store request form and hand it to the customer service desk at your favorite grocery store.

6. Do you ship internationally?


Product Information

1. How many mustards do you have?

8 mustards year round, plus 3-4 seasonal mustards (summer, fall, and winter)

2. When do your seasonal mustards come out?

  • May-August: Beer Mustard
  • September-November: Apple Mustard & Sweet Potato Mustard
  • November & December: Cranberry Mustard

3. Where do you get your mustard seeds?

Our mustard seed is a product of the USA, mostly sourced from the midwest. At one-time, we sourced yellow mustard seeds from a small farm in southern Vermont.

4. Where do you get the rest of your ingredients?

  • Eggs, butter and maple syrup are all from local, Vermont producers.
  • Everything else comes from suppliers across the country.

5. Are your mustards organic?


6. Are your mustards non-gmo?


7. Are your mustards gluten free?

They are not certified gluten free, however, they do not contain any gluten. Because the kitchen we use is a shared kitchen it does process items containing gluten. 

6. Are our mustards all natural?


7. Can I see the ingredients & nutrition facts?

All ingredients and nutrition facts are listed on individual product pages.

8. Do you have mustards with no sugar?

Deli Dirt: Everything Bagel Mustard

9. Do you have vegan mustards?

10. Do you have ketchup?


Company Information

1. When was you company started?

The first jars were made in 2007 and sold at one farmer's market during the summer for a couple years. The company officially launched June 5th, 2010.

2. Who's behind Green Mountain Mustard?

There are three core members (aka family):

  • Michael Adams, Owner
  • Jeanne Adams, Conductor of Controlled Chaos
  • Ed Adams, Flavor Guru in Residency

Read more about us here.

3. Why mustard?

I love it. I put it on everything. I think it makes the dish 100% of the time. And it's a blank canvas. You can make any kind of mustard you want - sweet, savory, salty, etc.

4. Have you landed in the press?

Yep. Couple times. Here's a list.

5. Do you donate mustard?

Yes. Please contact us about your event.

6. Do you send free samples?

Yes. We send free samples to food bloggers, media & press, and retail partners.

7. How do I sell your mustard in my store?

For information on selling in retail stores or distributing our product, click here.

8. Where are you located?

Richmond, VT

9. Can I talk directly to the owner?

Yep - here's the phone number (802) 435-1919 and email: