Meet the Adams Family (no, not that one) – Green Mountain Mustard

Meet the Adams Family (no, not that one)

Here's the Adams Family in Action!

Michael Adams | Director of All that Happens

While Michael can't say he's learned everything, he'd definitely learned a lot about the food business. At 15 years old, he launched a cookie company out of his parents' house to make money for the movies. Then, he moved to energy bars during high school and college. That led him to launching Green Mountain Mustard in 2010 after graduation. After a brief stint in Vermont's version of corporate America, Michael was ready to build his dream company and devote more time to Green Mountain Mustard. For fun, Michael enjoys photography, hiking, potlucks, learning new creative skills, and fitness.

Jeanne Adams | Conductor of Controlled Chaos

Jeanne can organize anything. Literally anything. From schools to bar mitzvahs, and festival schedules, Jeanne can get you squared away. And don't think about challenging her to a tape gun duel. She'll win. Jeanne is responsible for shipping out your online orders and making sure your jars don't break. Plus, she schedules our entire festival schedule and reps GMM like her son owns it. Oh, wait. When Jeanne isn't managing an entire elementary school, you can find her cruising Pinterest for recipes using mustard, exercising, and shopping. She's a professional deal-getter.

Ed Adams | Flavor Guru in Residency

With a PhD in Materials Science from Penn, Ed didn't exactly have "own a small mustard company" at the top of his bucket list. But, that's kind of what happened. Monday-Friday, Ed shoots particles at things, plays in his 4 science labs, and does x-ray photo electron spectroscopy. Yeah - look it up. When not doing fun things with machines that look like they could kill you, he's dreaming of new mustard flavors, building our wood displays, and making sure our table is level at the farmer's market. In his spare time, Ed enjoys reading, kayaking, and discovering new greasy-spoons around New England.