Quick & Healthy Mustackers Perfect for the Super Bowl January 24 2014

Oreo came out with two new flavors of Oreos -- Rice Krispie and Cookie Dough. While I was picking my jaw up off the floor, I noticed I could do the same thing with a couple Ritz Crackers and some of our Golden Grain mustard. I made five of them for dramatic effect in the picture above, ate them all, and got to wondering how I could make them better. Are there other alternatives. Why yes!

Original Mustackers:

1 Sleeve of Ritz Crackers
12 Tablespoons Green Mountain Mustard (I used Golden Grain)

Assemble as you would, sandwiching one tablespoon of mustard between two crackers. Smush together and enjoy.

5 Other Ideas for Mustackers:

1. The Deli: Ritz crackers, Deli Dirt, swiss cheese and a sliced pickle
2. Pre-heat: Ritz crackers, Barn Burner, and a dab of your favorite hot sauce
3. Mighty Vermonter: Ritz crackers, Sweet Success, a slice of ham, and sharp cheddar cheese
4. The Canal: Ritz crackers, Clove Encounter, a slice of salami, and a piece of pepperoni
5. Sophistication: Ritz crackers, Spud Muffin, dried cranberries, and goat cheese 

Go ahead and make your favorite. Let me know what combination you come up with!