How to Use Mustard for Your Christmas Dinner December 18 2014

Based on the number of orders we've shipped out of here the past few weeks, a lot of you picked up a couple jars of mustard for the holidays. You are super lucky!

So, now it's time to put those jars of mustard to good use. Here's a couple ways you can crack the first jar and use it on your Christmas dinner.

1. Ham or Turkey

While Turkey is typically a Thanksgiving Day main course, it shows up on many holiday tables. Use Green Mountain Mustard as your ham or turkey glaze. Or, save a little bit for dipping and leftover ham sandwiches. 

Recipes for inspiration:

2. Potatoes

Who doesn't love potatoes? They are a stand-in at every holiday meal in our house, Whether sweet, russet, new american, or colored, potatoes are awesome mixed in with our Clove Encounter Garlic Mustard.

Recipes for inspiration:

3. Green Beans & Other Vegetables

Does your Aunt always make green bean casserole for Christmas dinner? Ask her to jazz it up with a couple tablespoons of mustard. Or, if you're more into brussels sprouts, give them a boost of flavor with any of our mustards.

Recipes for inspiration:

4. Bread

I love carbs. Love them. And I'll take any excuse to eat a biscuit. Instead of plain, boring parker house rolls, go in a more adventurous direction with your bread choice.

Recipes for inspiration:

5. Leftovers

This is where mustard shines. A couple tablespoons added to your leftover ham for a sandwich or if you're making a ham dish with the leftover potatoes as a hash in the morning, there's always a place for mustard.

Recipes for inspiration:

Cooking with mustard is easy when you have inspiration. If you cook something over the holidays using Green Mountain Mustard, I'd love to include it with the rest of the recipes on our website.

Happy Holidays from Green Mountain Mustard!