Green Mountain Mustard at the Fancy Food Show in NYC June 24 2014


This is the big time, folks. Green Mountain Mustard is going to be at the 2014 Sumer Fancy Food Show in NYC from June 29th - July 1st. We'll be at booth #5031 in the Vermont section downstairs.

We'll have samples of all our flavors. Plus, we're going to be promoting three new fall & holiday flavors:

  • Spud Muffin: Sweet Potato Mustard
  • Adams Apple: Apple Cinnamon Mustard
  • Merry Berry: Holiday Cranberry Mustard (no sampling)

These are three of my favorite flavors. Even though they're all made for just a couple months each year, they get people excited for fall - and excited for new mustards -- especially our sweet potato mustard. Ever since we started making it's had a cult following. Every week at the Burlington Farmer's Market there's at least six people asking when it's going to come back. Yes, it's that good.

I'm excited to see the opportunities we get presented with at the show next week. I've invited some amazing people to stop by the boot so hopefully we'll get to meet up and say hi (oh, and try mustard of course).

Come see us -- the whole Adams family -- and taste some mustard! We're at booth #5031 in the Vermont section downstairs.

See you there!