The Best St. Patrick's Day Recipes We Found March 17 2014

Do you have everything planned for your St. Patrick's Day dinner? Has the corned beef hit the slow cooker? Is the soda bread being pulled from the oven? If you're looking for some last-minute recipes to wow your family and friends, check out the list we put together for some inspiration.

1. Corned Beef and Cabbage with Parsley-Mustard Sauce

If you haven't seen our recipe for maple mustard corned beef, give this a shot! It's a unique twist on the classic holiday staple. California’s Suzanne Goin pairs a perfectly crafted corned beef brisket with an herby mustard vinaigrette.

2. Bangers and Spinach Mash with Ciders and Onions

Love pub food? Here’s a mouthwatering take on the traditional sausage and potato dish – trust us, it’s not as scary as the name sounds.

3. Baileys Mint Chocolate Cream Pie

Booze, chocolate, and festive flare? You don’t have to tell us twice…

4. Lemon Basil Daquiri Tired of green beer?

Basil is the star in this green “mocktail.” Go ahead and add some booze -- we won’t tell!

5. Lucky Charm Marshmallow Treats

Test your luck with this nostalgic treat. They’re sweet, easy, and just plain old fun.


What are your favorite St. Patrick's Day recipes? Let us know!