Green Mountain Mustard Needs Your Vote February 16 2014

Green Mountain Mustard has been growing at lightning speed - a whopping 67% last year. And we’re not stopping. We entered Daily Grommet’s Product Pitch and made it into the Top 15 Products. Now, I need your help with voting and spreading the word.

Here’s the link to vote:

Please vote once a day from February 16th through February 28th.

After you vote each day, I’d appreciate your sharing our link with your team, company, family, friends, and everyone else you know. Tweet it, put it on Facebook -- anything and everything you can do will help! The three products with the most votes win!

I appreciate your help in getting Green Mountain Mustard the most votes. If we get into the top 3, we get a chance to pitch our product at Fenway Park (yep, THE Fenway Park). If we win there, things just get crazy.

Thanks again! We'll let you know what happens as soon as we know!