Introducing the New Green Mountain Mustard December 20 2013

Welcome to the new Green Mountain Mustard.

We're in a period of tremendous growth, transition, and learning. It's been a wild year for all involved. Green Mountain Mustard has literally become a family business. My Mom and Dad both play vital roles to the success of GMM.

Mom can pack orders faster than I can. She schedules events like a pro (must be the years of planning bar mitzvahs and running the local elementary school). Dad can engineer absolute brilliance when it comes to our displays. Plus, he's a serious flavor developer. I swear the man wears a white lab coat when he creates new flavors. Plus, he drives to and from everywhere in our mustard mobile while I'm passed out in the passenger seat.

They play vital roles because we're growing.

In 2013, we grew a whopping 60%. The last three months of 2013 were record sales months. To say it was madness it my parent's basement is an understatement. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Growth means new beginnings.

I left my full-time job in August 2013 to grow Green Mountain Mustard. My hours went from 40 to 10. Plus, I now work from home. I took the leap because I wanted to build my company. The company I started 3.5 years ago, selling at a small farmer's market. The company I had no idea would ever get this big (and we're still incredibly tiny). I haven't looked back. It's been full tilt mustard. And it's exciting.

But, it also means taking risks.

As you can see from this site, we've got a new look. It was time to bring Green Mountain Mustard to the next level. I know some of you liked our old packaging design, but here's why I decided to change it up.

Why I chose to change our look:

1. We're not Ben & Jerry's, Green Mountain Coffee, or Vermont Peanut Butter Company.

For three and a half years, we've been confused with these three companies, asked if Green Mountain Coffee owns us, and been told "we love your peanut butter" way too many times. We're Green Mountain Mustard. We make mustard. Completely different. And I needed to get rid of the cartoony mountains, blue sky and clouds, to let our true brand come through.

2. In the grocery store, packaging is everything

I wanted to make more of an impact in the grocery store and display our mustard as a specialty product - different from every other mustard out there - that commands a higher price point. As we move into bigger markets like Boston and New York City, our packaging needs to stand up against other companies on the shelf. And I didn't want to be another yellow-packaged mustard.

3. Our products were all over the place.

We invested several thousand dollars in our new packaging design. Thanks to the talented team at Jar Design in Burlington, VT (who eat our mustard every day!), we have a great new look. And this was our chance to make it work. We had a lot of different packaging going on: big labels, small labels, named flavors, not-named flavors. Some available only from us, others in retail. It got confusing. This new packaging design brings everything cohesively under one err..... label.

5. You guys love our product names

Everywhere we go, everyone loves the names of our flavors. That's when I decided to run with it and name all of our flavors. Going forward, every mustard will be named. This will not only set us apart in the mustard industry, but truly help let you know what we're all about. We're a mustard brand with personality. And I think that shows in who we are as a family, our inventive mustard, and our new branding.

So, this is the new Green Mountain Mustard. I cannot contain my excitement for a new year, a new look, and a growing company. I'd like to personally invite you to join my family and I as we take on 2014 with mustard in hand.