Behind the Scenes at Green Mountain Mustard

Behind the Scenes at Green Mountain Mustard

How to Make Chinese Mustard at Home January 21 2015

Many of our mustards are incredibly complex flavor blends of vinegar, mustard powder, and random spices. But, mustard is quite simple to make - especially Chinese mustard.

Chinese mustard is two ingredients.

Mustard powder & water.

And today I'm going to teach you how to make it!

How to Make Chinese Mustard

  • 1 tablespoon Oriental/Chinese mustard powder
  • 1 tablespoon cold water 
  1. In a small dish, mix 1 part Chinese mustard powder with 1 part cold water. 
  2. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes
  3. Enjoy on egg rolls!

Notes on this recipe:

  1. You can find Oriental mustard powder at many natural food markets. Or you can buy it online. One of my favorite spice places is Penzey's Spices.
  2. Why cold water? Simply put - it makes it hotter! If you're looking to mellow out the heat, use vinegar. 
  3. Keep your mustard in the fridge. It'll get stronger the longer it sits in the fridge. Then, start to downgrade in spiciness.

How to Use Mustard for Your Christmas Dinner December 18 2014

Based on the number of orders we've shipped out of here the past few weeks, a lot of you picked up a couple jars of mustard for the holidays. You are super lucky!

So, now it's time to put those jars of mustard to good use. Here's a couple ways you can crack the first jar and use it on your Christmas dinner.

1. Ham or Turkey

While Turkey is typically a Thanksgiving Day main course, it shows up on many holiday tables. Use Green Mountain Mustard as your ham or turkey glaze. Or, save a little bit for dipping and leftover ham sandwiches. 

Recipes for inspiration:

2. Potatoes

Who doesn't love potatoes? They are a stand-in at every holiday meal in our house, Whether sweet, russet, new american, or colored, potatoes are awesome mixed in with our Clove Encounter Garlic Mustard.

Recipes for inspiration:

3. Green Beans & Other Vegetables

Does your Aunt always make green bean casserole for Christmas dinner? Ask her to jazz it up with a couple tablespoons of mustard. Or, if you're more into brussels sprouts, give them a boost of flavor with any of our mustards.

Recipes for inspiration:

4. Bread

I love carbs. Love them. And I'll take any excuse to eat a biscuit. Instead of plain, boring parker house rolls, go in a more adventurous direction with your bread choice.

Recipes for inspiration:

5. Leftovers

This is where mustard shines. A couple tablespoons added to your leftover ham for a sandwich or if you're making a ham dish with the leftover potatoes as a hash in the morning, there's always a place for mustard.

Recipes for inspiration:

Cooking with mustard is easy when you have inspiration. If you cook something over the holidays using Green Mountain Mustard, I'd love to include it with the rest of the recipes on our website.

Happy Holidays from Green Mountain Mustard!

We're expanding! New Retailers for July 2014 July 23 2014

Lots is going on in the hills of Richmond, VT. We've added tons of retailers over the past few weeks and thought a fun list was in order. Please go out to support these great retailers and pick up a jar of mustard with some other goodies! Thanks so much for your continued support.

We're famous! Fun press mentions from the Fancy Food Show July 07 2014

We're back from the Fancy Food Show. Yes, it was crazy. Yes, I'm still tired. And yes, I'm shocked at how awesome it was. Oh, and I ate my weight in anything chocolate again.

That aside, it looks like we're doing something right. Something. I don't know what. But, the press is loving it.

We landed in two online publications - one for being "trendy" (YES) and another for being the writer's favorite mustard. That last one is one heck of a win because there were 49 companies selling mustard. Holy French's!

Anyway, here are the two links:


Green Mountain Mustard at the Fancy Food Show in NYC June 24 2014


This is the big time, folks. Green Mountain Mustard is going to be at the 2014 Sumer Fancy Food Show in NYC from June 29th - July 1st. We'll be at booth #5031 in the Vermont section downstairs.

We'll have samples of all our flavors. Plus, we're going to be promoting three new fall & holiday flavors:

  • Spud Muffin: Sweet Potato Mustard
  • Adams Apple: Apple Cinnamon Mustard
  • Merry Berry: Holiday Cranberry Mustard (no sampling)

These are three of my favorite flavors. Even though they're all made for just a couple months each year, they get people excited for fall - and excited for new mustards -- especially our sweet potato mustard. Ever since we started making it's had a cult following. Every week at the Burlington Farmer's Market there's at least six people asking when it's going to come back. Yes, it's that good.

I'm excited to see the opportunities we get presented with at the show next week. I've invited some amazing people to stop by the boot so hopefully we'll get to meet up and say hi (oh, and try mustard of course).

Come see us -- the whole Adams family -- and taste some mustard! We're at booth #5031 in the Vermont section downstairs.

See you there!


The Memorial Day Grilling Challenge May 19 2014

2014 Memorial Day Grilling Challenge

It's here! Summer! Warm days, swimming, hiking - and my favorite: grilling. Memorial Day is the official launch to the summer season and that means bbqs.

And bbqs mean soooo many opportunities for mustard. That's why I'm announcing the Memorial Day Grilling Challenge!

How to enter:

1. Grill up some tasty food - veggies, burgers, pizza, chicken, salmon - anything! It can even be a yummy side dish, too.
2. Share the picture with me - reply to this email, tweet it, tag us on instagram, or post it to Facebook
3. I'll pick a winner - with the rest of the fam as judges - and you could win!

What you win (the important part): If your picture is selected, you'll win a 4-pack of your choice, shipped to your doorstep, absolutely free. And in my mind, there's nothing better than free mustard, right?

Get your entries in by Tuesday, May 27th at midnight. Good luck!X

100 Days of Celebration: National Dance Day April 29 2014

If you saw our post on High Five Day, you’ve probably figured out that we’re a pretty excitable bunch. It’s no surprise, then, that our next celebration is [[queue the music ♫♫]] National Dance Day!

Whether you’ve memorized all the moves to Thriller, you’re a regular at the local Zumba class, or just love to shake your tail feather, everyone knows that sometimes you simply must get your groove on!

We decided to give you, the readers, a little bit of motivation to “get up offa that thing.” We came up with a comprehensive (and very diverse, we might add) list of 10 Songs That Get Us Dancing In The Office. So, crank up the volume, get on your feet, and, as the wise Lady Gaga once said, JUST DANCE.

1. Waves - Mr. Probz

2. Wild, Wild Love - Pitbull + GRL

3. Rather Be - Clean Bandit

4. Jump Around - Kriss Kross

5. Wipeout - The Surfaris

6. Move - Little Mix

7. Whistle - Flo Rida

8. We Found Love - Rihanna

9. American Girl - Tom Petty

10. Breaking Spring - 5 & A Dime


What do you like to dance to?

100 Days of Celebration: High Five Day April 16 2014

At GMM, we’re huge proponents of positive energy in the workplace. We believe wholeheartedly in enthusiastic shouting in meetings, overusing exclamation marks, and sending encouraging words via e-mail (in all CAPS, of course).

We like to have fun -- WOO!

What better way to share your enthusiasm, support, and pure excitement than to exchange a powerful high-five with someone? That’s right. Today we’re celebrating High Five Day!

Check out this sweet video compilation of 5 totally awesome high fives.

Green Mountain Mustard Presents: 100 Days of Celebration April 10 2014

Unless you’re Ebenezer Scrooge, The Grinch, or just a real spoilsport, chances are you’re like us and love a good old-fashioned holiday celebration. We’re talking about cakes, confetti, dressing up at work, and the pure excitement of spreading good cheer.

 Life is short. So, we thought, “Lets make merry…more!” Join us as we select various fun and obscure observances over the next 100 days and rejoice accordingly!

 Have a suggestion? Send your festive request to

Boston and Providence, Get Your Mustard On! April 07 2014

It's been a pretty wild couple of weeks here. Momentum is starting to foster. Buyers are calling left and right. And I'm calling, too. Mustard is going out the door (or should I say my parent's basement? :p ).

Anyway, here's a list of new retailers in the Boston and Providence area:

  1. Holliston Superette in Holliston, MA
  2. Savenor's Market in Boston, MA
  3. Appleton Dairy Store in Ipswich, MA (they just re-ordered)
  4. Eastside Market in Providence, RI

Stop by for a jar of mustard! Thanks for your support

- Michael

The Three Types of Mustard Seeds March 31 2014

Grab your pen and paper. It's time for Mustard 101. Today, I'm going to walk you through where mustard comes from. It's a rather simple process, but the blank canvas provides a ton of creative opportunities for wild flavors of mustard.

So, let's start at the beginning.

Where mustard seeds come fromTo the right, you'll see a mustard plant. It looks harmless, right? Right. Well, it goes through several stages. Once it starts growing, you can harvest mustard greens from the plant. These are the same mustard greens you find on salads. They have a sharp - almost bitter - taste. (I love them - go figure!).

But, if you let the mustard grow past the greens stage, you'll get the yellow flowers. These yellow flowers produce seeds. I've heard of many seed harvesters that they often have kiddie pool's worth of seeds in a matter of minutes. Each pod on the flower holds about a pound of seeds.

Now, what about the different seeds?

Mustard plants produce three types of mustard seeds (arguably two): Yellow and brown. There are other varieties, like black mustard seeds and even white mustard seeds, but they are variations of yellow and brown. Here's how each plays out:

  • Yellow mustard seeds: These are the most mellow (and often just get mixed in with white). You can find them in our everything bagel mustard for texture.
  • Brown mustard seeds: These are used for a stronger bite, and are often found mixed with yellow seeds in a wholegrain style mustard.
  • Black mustard seeds: These are the strongest. If you simply add water and let the mixture sit overnight, you'll have some super-hot mustard on your hands.

Mustard seeds can then be ground to a powder or flour - know as well, mustard powder. We use these ground mustard seeds in every one of our mustards.

And don't get any ideas to grind your own. The oils from the seeds (which can actually be used for biodiesel) are slick which means a traditional grain grinder is going to get all gummed up.

So that's where mustard seeds come from. Hope you learned something :)

-- Michael

The Best St. Patrick's Day Recipes We Found March 17 2014

Do you have everything planned for your St. Patrick's Day dinner? Has the corned beef hit the slow cooker? Is the soda bread being pulled from the oven? If you're looking for some last-minute recipes to wow your family and friends, check out the list we put together for some inspiration.

1. Corned Beef and Cabbage with Parsley-Mustard Sauce

If you haven't seen our recipe for maple mustard corned beef, give this a shot! It's a unique twist on the classic holiday staple. California’s Suzanne Goin pairs a perfectly crafted corned beef brisket with an herby mustard vinaigrette.

2. Bangers and Spinach Mash with Ciders and Onions

Love pub food? Here’s a mouthwatering take on the traditional sausage and potato dish – trust us, it’s not as scary as the name sounds.

3. Baileys Mint Chocolate Cream Pie

Booze, chocolate, and festive flare? You don’t have to tell us twice…

4. Lemon Basil Daquiri Tired of green beer?

Basil is the star in this green “mocktail.” Go ahead and add some booze -- we won’t tell!

5. Lucky Charm Marshmallow Treats

Test your luck with this nostalgic treat. They’re sweet, easy, and just plain old fun.


What are your favorite St. Patrick's Day recipes? Let us know!

Green Mountain Mustard Needs Your Vote February 16 2014

Green Mountain Mustard has been growing at lightning speed - a whopping 67% last year. And we’re not stopping. We entered Daily Grommet’s Product Pitch and made it into the Top 15 Products. Now, I need your help with voting and spreading the word.

Here’s the link to vote:

Please vote once a day from February 16th through February 28th.

After you vote each day, I’d appreciate your sharing our link with your team, company, family, friends, and everyone else you know. Tweet it, put it on Facebook -- anything and everything you can do will help! The three products with the most votes win!

I appreciate your help in getting Green Mountain Mustard the most votes. If we get into the top 3, we get a chance to pitch our product at Fenway Park (yep, THE Fenway Park). If we win there, things just get crazy.

Thanks again! We'll let you know what happens as soon as we know!



Introducing the New Green Mountain Mustard December 20 2013

Welcome to the new Green Mountain Mustard.

We're in a period of tremendous growth, transition, and learning. It's been a wild year for all involved. Green Mountain Mustard has literally become a family business. My Mom and Dad both play vital roles to the success of GMM.

Mom can pack orders faster than I can. She schedules events like a pro (must be the years of planning bar mitzvahs and running the local elementary school). Dad can engineer absolute brilliance when it comes to our displays. Plus, he's a serious flavor developer. I swear the man wears a white lab coat when he creates new flavors. Plus, he drives to and from everywhere in our mustard mobile while I'm passed out in the passenger seat.

They play vital roles because we're growing.

In 2013, we grew a whopping 60%. The last three months of 2013 were record sales months. To say it was madness it my parent's basement is an understatement. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Growth means new beginnings.

I left my full-time job in August 2013 to grow Green Mountain Mustard. My hours went from 40 to 10. Plus, I now work from home. I took the leap because I wanted to build my company. The company I started 3.5 years ago, selling at a small farmer's market. The company I had no idea would ever get this big (and we're still incredibly tiny). I haven't looked back. It's been full tilt mustard. And it's exciting.

But, it also means taking risks.

As you can see from this site, we've got a new look. It was time to bring Green Mountain Mustard to the next level. I know some of you liked our old packaging design, but here's why I decided to change it up.

Why I chose to change our look:

1. We're not Ben & Jerry's, Green Mountain Coffee, or Vermont Peanut Butter Company.

For three and a half years, we've been confused with these three companies, asked if Green Mountain Coffee owns us, and been told "we love your peanut butter" way too many times. We're Green Mountain Mustard. We make mustard. Completely different. And I needed to get rid of the cartoony mountains, blue sky and clouds, to let our true brand come through.

2. In the grocery store, packaging is everything

I wanted to make more of an impact in the grocery store and display our mustard as a specialty product - different from every other mustard out there - that commands a higher price point. As we move into bigger markets like Boston and New York City, our packaging needs to stand up against other companies on the shelf. And I didn't want to be another yellow-packaged mustard.

3. Our products were all over the place.

We invested several thousand dollars in our new packaging design. Thanks to the talented team at Jar Design in Burlington, VT (who eat our mustard every day!), we have a great new look. And this was our chance to make it work. We had a lot of different packaging going on: big labels, small labels, named flavors, not-named flavors. Some available only from us, others in retail. It got confusing. This new packaging design brings everything cohesively under one err..... label.

5. You guys love our product names

Everywhere we go, everyone loves the names of our flavors. That's when I decided to run with it and name all of our flavors. Going forward, every mustard will be named. This will not only set us apart in the mustard industry, but truly help let you know what we're all about. We're a mustard brand with personality. And I think that shows in who we are as a family, our inventive mustard, and our new branding.

So, this is the new Green Mountain Mustard. I cannot contain my excitement for a new year, a new look, and a growing company. I'd like to personally invite you to join my family and I as we take on 2014 with mustard in hand.