Deli Dirt | Everything Bagel Mustard | Green Mountain Mustard

Deli Dirt

$ 6.99

Make Your Sandwich Everything You Want it to Be.

We all know everything bagels are the greatest thing on the planet, right? Right. Well, what if you took all of the toppings from an everything bagel and combined it with made-from-scratch mustard? You’re correct. You’d get Deli Dirt! Stack your next burger high with pickles. Add a slathering of Deli Dirt and you have a hamburger big NYC delis are jealous of.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Mustard Powder, Yellow Mustard Seed, Deli Dirt (Sesame Seeds, Chopped Onion, Poppy Seeds, Garlic Powder, Caraway Seeds, Black Pepper), and Salt


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